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The letter comes after Thomas Mair was jailed for life on Wednesday for the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox during the referendum campaign. Prosecutors said the attack was "nothing less than acts of terrorism" and the judge said it was carried out to advance a political cause of violent white supremacism. 'Defining moment' The commission, an independent statutory body which advises on equality and human rights law, said: "We are concerned that attacks on supporters of both sides of the Brexit debate have polarised many parts of the country. "There are those who used, and continue to use, public concern about immigration policy and the economy to legitimise hate. "The vast majority of people who voted to leave the European Union did so because they believe it is best for Britain and not because they are intolerant of others." Image caption Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced plans for companies to set out the proportion of foreigners they employ, but the proposal was abandoned It describes the Brexit vote as a "defining moment" for the country, saying that while the focus has been on the economic and trading implications there should also be a "discussion on what values we hold as a country". The letter also criticises the government's aborted plan to demand companies set out the proportion of foreigners they employ, which was announced by Home Secretary Amber Rudd at the Conservative Party conference in October. It said "politicians of all sides should be aware of the effect on national mood of their words and policies, even when they are not enacted". The letter also mentioned the discussion around child migrants, "where dialogue escalated to irrational levels". And it said there had been an "ambivalent reception" to claims of anti-Semitism in politics, an issue that BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said had dogged the Labour Party in particular. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Jeremy Corbyn set up an inquiry into anti-Semitism in Labour but that faced criticism after its leader Shami Chakrabarti joined the party The commission said it welcomed the government's hate crime plans, but said more concerted action was needed. It suggested there should be a review of the sentences for hate crimes in England and Wales.

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