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Customers have been saying Im so glad youre still opening. Lee stands in front of the newly-finished shop interior They said this street doesnt feel the same with the shop shut. It doesnt feel right. Following the fire, the cause of which has not been established, Lee said he wasnt sure if he would be able to start over. I remember walking through the shop in my wellingtons the day after with the insurers and thinking how on earth are we ever going to put this right? he said. I think for the first month I was in a state of depression. I couldnt see a light at the end of the tunnel. The fire damage was extensive and forced the shop to close immediately after The hardest thing is losing something that you have built up over 25 years - it was devastating. The blaze not only reduced Lees shop to a bare shell but damaged all the stock inside. He has since installed a new ceiling, electricals, lights and carpet, as well as buying lots of new beds and furniture. The married father says one good thing to come out as a result of the blaze is the chance to start afresh with a new store look. He has already sold four beds ahead of reopening and says he is feeling excited and nervous about Saturday.

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But he said Jalilov never tried to push his faith onto anyone else. During 2015, said the first source, Jalilov left St Petersburg. The source said he heard from other cooks at the restaurant that before leaving, Jalilov had said he was going to Turkey. He said, according to the source, that "there are good jobs in Turkey, and things aren't working out (with work) in St Petersburg." The second source, who also did not want to be identified, told Reuters he knew from Jalilov that he went to Turkey. The source said Jalilov had traveled there in November 2015, to join his uncle who was living in the Turkish region of Antalya. Contacted by Reuters in Osh, Jalilov's uncle, Khasan Kuchkarov, told Reuters he had lived in Antalya but left in September 2015 and was unaware of Jalilov traveling there. After Jalilov's departure from St Petersburg, there was talk among his old work colleagues, and among people who knew him back in Osh, that he had gone to Syria, both of the sources said. But neither of them knew for sure if he was in Syria, they said. Officials in Russia's Investigative Committee, the state body investigating the metro bombing, and in the Federal Security Service, declined to comment on whether Jalilov traveled to Turkey or Syria. APARTMENT SUSPECTS Russian law enforcement agencies have arrested eight people on suspicion of involvement in the metro bombing.