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The Top Guidelines On No-fuss Systems For Bridesmaid Dresses

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We cannot let this case sink the dream of our founding fathers who wrote our national motto: 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika'." This motto means "Unity in Diversity". You see it in action every Monday morning when children in public schools across the nation recite the founding principles of Indonesia, known as Pancasila. Image caption Every morning, children in state schools in Indonesia recite the Pancasila The first principle is a faith or belief in one God. Despite having the world's largest Muslim majority, the country respects six official religions. The country's founding fathers agreed to drop the inclusion of Sharia - or Islamic law - in the nation's constitution in 1945, allegedly to accommodate the wishes of religious minorities. "We must always teach them that our society is diverse" says Edi Kusyanto, the principal of Menteng 01 Primary school. "Pancasila unites Indonesia as one," says sixth grader Flally after the flag raising ceremony. Just 9% of the population are Christian but they are the majority in some eastern islands. And on the tourist hub of Bali the majority religion is Hindu. Jakarta is where they meet and live side by side. But for the protesters calling for Mr Purnama to be jailed, the reasoning is clear: they don't accept him as a senior leader because he is Christian.

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