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Diverse and Necessary Rental Car Market: San Antonio benefits from a sizable O&D ธุรกิจเครือข่าย air travel market (98%), and the airport's rental car business is supported by limited transportation alternatives for San Antonio visitors. The new CONRAC will further increase rental car attractiveness, adding convenience for deplaned passengers to rent cars from a single on-airport facility. However, car rental demand is vulnerable to the leisure market and general economic declines. Moderate Rate Setting Flexibility: The airport's current $5.00 CFC rate is competitive compared to similar airports and will increase to $5.50 in September 2018. The city maintains flexibility to adjust the CFC rate at any time. The new CONRAC benefits from long-term car rental facility agreements executed by all rental car operators serving the airport. Escalating Debt Structure: All project debt is fixed rate, fully amortizing with debt service escalating at moderate annual increases before levelling off through maturity. Maximum annual debt service (MADS) reaches $9.77mm in FY2035 and remains level through 2045. Combined Debt Service Reserve Fund (DSRF) and Debt Service Coverage (DSC) Funds total about $13 million adding additional protection, with a DSCR rate covenant of 1.25x, and an Additional Bonds Test (ABT) ธุรกิจเครือข่าย pantip covenant of 1.25x MADS. No additional CFC-backed borrowing is currently anticipated. Elevated Leverage and Sound Coverage: Net debt to cash flow available for debt service (CFADS) is expected to be average around 8x-9x.

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Now, 63% of the business is now direct. So clearly, the goal is to get to 75%, 80%. So you see a slower growth here because of the shift that we are making in dealing with direct. So essentially we foresee 80% of this business in affluent personal loans coming from direct in less than seven to eight months from now, which is the position that we want to be in. Salaried home loans, small base, very strong growth. You can continue to see that kind of growth now for a foreseeably long period of time, again, do only with existing customers. BFS direct, our online initiative, strong growth on a year-on-year basis Rural business continues to grow well. Base is small. We are quite excited.

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"The frog in his throat has a long way to go before it can hope to turn into prince," noted The Times, in a jointly authored piece by Mr Duncan Smith's future cabinet colleague Michael Gove and Tom Baldwin, Ed Miliband's newly-appointed communications chief. What happened next: Forced out as leader in November 2003. First 100 Days: Iain Duncan Smith WILLIAM HAGUE The knives were out for William Hague from the moment he was elected Conservative leader in June 1997. In-fighting over Europe and sniping from the party's old guard, still reeling at the drubbing they had received at the polls, ensured he had one of the shortest honeymoon periods of any party leader in history. He did not help his cause by being pictured in a baseball cap on a trip to a theme park - an image that came to define his doomed attempt to rebrand the Conservatives as a more youthful force. What happened next: Quit as leader after defeat in 2001 election, now Foreign Secretary First 100 Days: William Hague JEREMY CORBYN Image copyright Getty Images Jeremy Corbyn spent much of his first 100 days battling his own party, despite having won almost 60% of votes cast in the election for Ed Miliband's successor. The veteran outsider had never before held office or a front bench position in parliament. He sparked controversy within his first two months when he was seen not singing the national anthem at a service to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. He later faced rebellions over a Commons vote on military action in Syria, led by the then-shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn. What happened next: Benn triggered a wave of resignations from the shadow cabinet, setting in motion a second leadership election which Mr Corbyn won. ED MILIBAND Image copyright Getty Images Ed Miliband assumed the role of opposition leader after a dramatic campaign against his older brother David.